I am Supriya. I like working and learning about Game design , User Experience Design , Interaction Design , and Data Art .


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Absinthe Tails

A detective game intertwining absinthe and missing cats. Utilize photographs and dreams to navigate your alcohol-clouded memory and crack the case.
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How should I look today! - a game poem

This game poem explores the complexities of human behavior towards those unfamiliar to them... with adorned pixels and apples
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HEATWAVE Havoc - A multiplayer cooperative game

HEATWAVE Havoc is a multiplayer card based strategic cooperative game, where you save all your cute little babies from the effects of Heatwaves.
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Zuci - A Phy-gital multiplayer turn based strategy game

🏆 Zuci – a phygital muliplayer game was an exploratory project designed to introduce a younger audience to Folk musical instruments.
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Sharing knowledge about Folk musical instruments

This study tests the efficacy of different mediums, in the transfer of knowledge of Folk musical instruments to younger age groups
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EXPRESSION Post-its – playful experiment @MathWorks

An experimental method to conduct user interviews about User-software journey

Journey so far...

Research Assistant

2023 - present
As a Research Assistant at Aalto, my role involves assisting the Motion Labs team in understanding how users perceive dance and dance related activities in VR through research studies.

Research Associate

Azim Premji University’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability focuses on climate data research and raising awareness about climate change. My primary work as a Research Associate is to:

  • Create games to assist younger audiences understand the implications of climate change and empathize with individuals who are affected.
  • Facilitate data visualization workshops and aid researchers in efficiently visualizing climate data.

Visual Analytics Developer

2021 - 2022

As a Data Analytics Developer, I am a part of the Visual Analytics Hub at Eli Lilly, India. My role is to design and develop Data viz for Research teams at Lilly, my core activities:

  • Design data visualization for different therapeutic areas at Lilly.
  • Development of the designed data viz
  • Perform user research and create personas to understand our data visualization audiences and stakeholders

User Experience Specialist

2019 - 2021

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. My role as a User Experience Specialist was to provide a better experience in the Verification and Validation area, my core activities:

  • User research to find challenges and pain points of our user through a series of user interviews and discussions.
  • Find areas to intervene and design and modify user workflow.
  • Design User Interfaces.
  • Conduct Usability tests to determine the success of the design changes.

M.Des in Interaction Design

2017 - 2019

BE in Computer Science and Engineering

2013 - 2017