Sharing knowledge about Folk musical instruments

This was an academic Project done as a part of master’s thesis at IDC School of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay under the guidance of Prof. Uday Athavankar. This study tests the efficacy of three mediums - reading material, slide and game, in the transfer of knowledge of Folk musical instruments to younger age groups
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Traditional folk musical instruments are facing extinction in many parts of India due to decrease in its user base. In order to develop a future user base of people with a better awareness of these musical instruments, the goal of this study was to identify an effective medium for teaching younger audiences about these instruments’ construction processes, sounds, and events they are played at.

Through this study we aim to introduce different mediums of instruction to children above age of 8 years and observe how they respond to them. Three medium of instructions will be through – reading materials, slide presentation with audio, and a collaborative multiplayer game. All three medium will consist of information about the construction process of these instruments and their respective tunes – except for the readable material.

Participants will be divided into three groups – each group will be exposed to one medium of instruction. We will determine the efficacy of each medium through the performance of participants using a questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to calibrate the knowledge retention after using each medium. The questionnaire will be provided to each participants after their exposure to their respective medium.

The groups with exposure to slide presentation and game was observed to perform better in their questionnaire with an average success rates of 91.17% and 94.11% respectively than the group exposed to reading material with average success rate of 77.27%.

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