Visualizing radiology data - Predible health report

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Predible Health is an AI startup, now acquired by nference. They work with Artificial Intelligence to draw out information from Radiology data. We collaborated on a project to create physical reports for the users – Pulmonologist, radiologist, and patients.

The project’s goal was to discover an efficient approach to incorporate the data from a lung computed tomography(CT) scan into a medical report that was tailored specifically for our intended audience. Three categories — Nodule analysis data, Low Attenuation analysis data, and High Attenuation analysis data—were used to separate the information we intended to provide.

There were two main obstacles we had to overcome during the design phase. The first involves projecting data that is largely shown in 3D onto a 2D surface. The second step included organizing and visualizing in a way that would appeal to both specialists and patients. What followed was interactions with radiologists, developers and numerous iterations to design and develop the report below. This is now approved by experts and is in use.