Flowers peep - Imagining people as flowers

An exploration to nudge connection between coworkers by using Flowers to represent their vivid interest and expertise. This was done as a pet project during my work at Eli Lilly, India.
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Flower project started as a discussion with my then manager at Eli Lilly India, Anand Sawkar . We were talking about data visualisation when the topic changed to whether it was possible to find out who in our company like superhero movies. Then we began to consider whether we might create a humorous data visualisation to determine whether people at Lilly have similar interests. Would it start discussions? Assemble players to play football during weekends? Or how about watching a superhero movie?

In this project, each characteristic of a person is seen as a component of a flower. It provides a peek of the individual through their knowledge, experience, interests, and hobbies, as well as how similar or different they are from the other people.

Product demo

You can visit the live demo here .

It is still a work in progress, and I would love to hear if you have any feedback on they same. Please share your messages over my email :)