600 years of Ahom Kingdom - a visual data narrative

This was an academic Project done as a part of master’s thesis at IDC School of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The aim of this project is to transform the textual accounts of history to a more accessible medium. An exploratory approach was made to convert the data available into a data-driven story narrative, and help audience drive their own inputs from the visualizations.
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The Ahom dynasty was the most celebrated in Assam’s history. With a successful reign of 600 years they were able to enrich Assam with agriculture, architecture, cultural richness and different scientific interventions. Ahoms were the descendants of Tai or Shan race who came from Mungmao, currently in Yunan province of China. They came to Brahmaputra Valley of North East India in 1228. The kingdom of Ahoms established during 13th century entails an important part of the Assamese history.

Historic accounts of the said kingdom are often presented textually and through other mediums (such as movies and series). These accounts are dense in information, designed primarily for historians, hence do not inspire a casual read. The project in the form of an interactive website is expected to reach more audience. The users will be able to interact with the data and derive their own inferences about the kingdom.

600 years of Ahom kingdom is a data story that narrates the migration of Ahoms into Northeastern states of India and their years of reign through different lens. It is available as a scrolly-telling website, created with HTML, CSS and d3js

You can read about the detailed design process here , and link to demo here

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